Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seriously Thursday!?

I've been missing for awhile so I'm not really sure if anybody is still doing Seriously Thursday with From Mrs.To Mama but I have PLENTY of things that have made me go SERIOUSLY!? lately.

Seriously...can my 3 year old Hunter and my room mates 4 year old ever go one day without fighting and arguing with each other???? They start asking for each other as soon as they wake up or if they have to spend a few hours without each other, but then when you put them together it's fighting, biting, punishing, kicking, toy name it, they do it! Is this like dogs trying to establish who is the Alpha male? Whatever it is, I seriously wish they would stop!

Seriously...I think this has officially been the longest week in the history of the world!!!!!! You name it and it's gone wrong this week. It's been nothing but one emotional roller coaster after another. As I type this there is more screaming from the mini alpha males....calgon take me away!

Seriously...Why does Hunter spend the 2 hours before dinner asking to be fed, like he's really just wasting away, then when it's actually time to sit down and eat he decides he's not really hungry.

Seriously...On a positive note, Monday was my birthday and a bunch of amazing made the whole weekend awesome and very special for me. I seriously love you guys!

Seriously...My room mates are completely awesome too. I've had a few melt downs this week and they have seriously helped me to de-stress lately. Much love you guys!

Seriously...I am so happy to be back to blogging again!!!!!!!!!!

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