About me

I just recently opened this tab and realized that it was in desperate need of updating! So here goes...My name is Echo, Miss if you live in my house or know me well. Sounds confusing I know, but one of our roommates is a guy, ironically named Echo. Although in our world he is simply known as Sir. We also have another roommate named Dani, and yes she is a girl. Back to the point. I'm 30 years old but in my mind I'm still 25! I'm recently divorced after a very rocky 10 year relationship. I'm currently engaged to Josh who is my childhood sweetheart and best friend. Together we have seven children. Alexis 14, Anthony 13, Jordyn 9, Aiden 5, Hunter 5, Holly 3, and Riley 7 months. We are truly the modern day Brady Bunch! Welcome to our world! 
Josh & Holly





Sir Echo & Riley


Mommy & Holly


Alexis & Aiden

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