Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is he really ready?

I am way too impressionable sometimes and I doubt my decisions too easily. This is no body's fault but my own and something I struggle with daily. Today's self doubt. My five year old being ready for kindergarten. I'm not ready for this big step just because it means my baby boy is growing up too fast. He on the other hand is totally excited and says he's ready. And he really is smart. He knows his ABC's, can count pretty far, knows his shapes and colors. He's inquisitive about everything and retains information amazingly well. He's constantly telling me random facts about animals and things. He's wonderful at teaching his three year old sister. He's sweet and compassionate. Has an extensive vocabulary and honestly understands the words he's using. The only points that concern me are that I never really let him on the computer, he's very sensitive and cries easily, and he still has issues with sharing. Although the last is mostly just with his siblings. He does pretty well when friends come over to play. My daughter Jordyn didn't start until she was six but that was in another state. Where can you reliably research the standards for the state you live in? When do you stop researching?  How do you know when your child is ready for something? And how much information do you listen to from others? When is the right time to believe in your own judgement?

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm scared of my own kids!

the ring movie photo: Ring - movie contest ring2.jpg
Why must my daughters constantly creep me out?! In Jordyn's defense only one time really jumps out at me. She was maybe two years old and my Aunt Leslie, Uncle Sarge and I had just finished watching the movie The Ring. Do you remember the little girl in that? Samara. Recall how she never slept and had long dark straight hair? Jordyn also had long dark semi straight hair and the child never freaking slept! So Jordyn and her cousins Shaye and Bruce are in the back of the house playing in the family room, Sarge is in one recliner and I'm sitting on the floor clinging to leaning against the other recliner where Leslie is sitting. Throughout the entire movie we kept cracking jokes about Jordyn being a baby Samara. Eventually the movie is over and I'm just sitting there spacing a bit, when baby Samara, I mean Jordyn, slowly and silently walks up next to me and just stands there. She doesn't move or say a word. I turned, probably to say something to Leslie and about jumped out of my skin to see Jordyn standing there looking at me. Omg I have still never lived down getting the crap scared out of me by my own child!

Now I have three year old Holly who likes to quietly creep walk down the dark hallway to the end of the couch where I like to sit, and stand there quietly until I notice her. She does this repeatedly for at least an hour just about every night. It's always to claim she has to go potty. I might believe her if she didn't have to walk past the bathroom to get to where I am. These girls are going to give me a damn heart attack!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I need sleep!!!!!

Alright people, I'm seriously about to lose my mind! What's the problem you ask? My nine month old demon baby Riley! Oh don't get me wrong, she's adorable as hell and sweet and lovable as can be. At least during daylight hours. At night, when the rest of the house is peacefully slumbering she turns into a milk guzzling, use Mommy as a binky, screaming demon. I can actually time her, every two hours. At her age there's really no reason for her to be waking up this often. She use to sleep anywhere from four to six hours straight but evidently she has a twisted sense of humor. I don't know what to do. I've tried making sure her belly is full before putting her to bed, we have a bedtime routine, and I've even tried giving her a bottle of formula before I go to bed. Nothing works, she's still up in two hours. I considered that it might be teething cause she shows the signs of that so I gave her teething tablets. It didn't help. I really don't think she's that hungry all night. Either she's just really spoiled or she needs extra closeness and snuggling at night. But even that doesn't make sense. I'm with her all the time. Even the brief times that I am away from her, her routine stays the same. There haven't been any major changes in her life that would make her insecure. I'm at the end of my rope. And I'm a little worried about her safety because eventually Hunter and Holly are going to realize that Mommy's grouchiness is their baby sister's fault!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Who's afraid of the boobies...

I don't know if it's just because I'm breast feeding or if it's the strange company I keep, but we have a lot of conversations involving my boobs. Here's a facebook conversation that took place today, and no it was not in a private message either! It started with my status update this morning...

I am so tired of being woken up every 2 hours....

B: hey wake up

Me: no I don't wanna.... 

B: to F'ing bad i'm hungry mom 

Me: the boobies are out of order. 

B: bull shit tell daddy to get off them i need them 

Me: lmao he's afraid of them still! 

B:  lol 

Me: are you afraid of boobies B? lol 

B: no fear here 

Me: lol if they were filled with milk you would be. Or are you the kind that would just grab a pack of oreos and call it snack time? lol 

B: lol no i would grab some homemade chocolate cookies and go to town 

Me: lmao Riley might share her milk if you share your cookies! 

B: lol 

Now since all he had to say was "lol" in my mind I won!

Do you need a time out?

I was having a really bad morning today, I'll explain that in another post though, and Miss Riley decided that it was a good idea to scream all morning. Not actual crying, more like little bursts of piercing noise that makes your ears ring. After repeatedly telling her No, Sir (refresher on who this is on my About Me page) decided to put her in time out. Now let me remind you, Riley is 8 months old. She was in her walker, smacking the tray to make her snacks fly in every direction and carrying on with her new found voice, when Sir pipes up with "Riley Jean, do you need to go in time out?" Her response, Smack, scream, giggle. So he gets up, picks her up while still in her walker, takes her to the time out corner, stands there for a second like he's thinking "Shit, she can still move." And proceeds to stick shoes under the walker and against the wheels to keep it in place. Then he puts up the baby mattress that we use to block the hallway so she can't crawl off to her siblings room, yes we are truly that ghetto. She just happily sat there babbling away and laughing at him over the mattress! I don't know if this is one of those times where it's funnier if you were there, but I know I sure laughed my ass off.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Exorcist Baby!

Well the last week or so has been interesting. Miss Riley has been teething. Last Tuesday we had a cookout and she was perfectly fine. Wednesday morning I'm sitting in bed nursing her, she finishes eating, smiles sweetly, and then proceeds to give the meal back to me! Then she had the nerve to giggle! Now I sleep in just a bra and panties, TMI, I know. And I hadn't gotten around to getting dressed yet since it was still early. So imagine sitting cross legged with a baby on your lap. Now imagine the places that regurgitated breast milk went! Ewww right? She was so damn cute though that all I could do was laugh a little, sit her down and grab a towel. She laughed at me the whole time I cleaned up and changed. That child has a twisted sense of humor! Long story short, she puked for 24 hours, chewed on anything she could reach, threw up on my bed once more, switched to the "other" end for a couple days, and basically lived off of goldfish crackers and Kix cereal for a week. She's finally just starting to eat other foods and now only has occasional diaper explosions. Most of which I try to pawn off on Daddy or Aunt Dani! HaHa!!!