Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Catch Up...

Thank freaking goodness for the second trimester of pregnancy!!!!! I was starting to think I would never again feel even close to human again. The evil "morning" sickness is over, unless I'm hungry of course, and the headaches are bearable. I'm still tired but not nearly as much as before. I don't think I've taken a nap in like 4 or 5 days! And I've been able to make meals for dinner without the smells making me want to hurl. I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure the rest of the household is too! lol.

So Friday was a crazy day! J had to work for a few hours in the morning so D and I decided that at nap time, she and I would go get hair cuts. Miss Teeny is old enough to babysit. So I text J and told him what we were doing but he said he was almost done at work and needed a hair cut too. So we said ok, we'd wait for him and all of us would go. While waiting for him S showed up and it was decided she would tag along with us. J was way late of course plus still needed a shower. Finally we all left. Didn't have time for hair cuts at this point cause I had a 1:45 doctors appointment. So we all went to the park instead. Then all 8 of us went to my appointment. Miss Teeny and Jordyn got to go back with me this time and see the ultrasound. Baby is doing perfect. Then we went to get lunch cause I was starving. Think they all were too! lol. Afterwards, finally off to get our haircuts. D's took forever! lol. Her hair is so thick plus she does layers, I don't. Then we split up sending all kids home with D, S's boyfriend came to get her, and J and I headed off to pick up the boys for the weekend. Run back home, drop us off, then J had like a 45 minute drive to pick up his other "daughter" Tilly for the weekend. I'm at home getting things ready for later that night. D gave Hunter and Holly a much needed late nap and I fed A and Mr. Man. By the time J and Tilly got back we had everything ready, then it was off to Nitro Jams. Drag racing! So we are standing by the car getting everything organized, and all of a sudden my leg hurts bad! Takes a minute then we realize Mr. Man and Hunter are trying to play with some big black ants. Two of them had quickly made their way up my pant legs! I'm reaching all the way down my pants  picking up ants and throwing them on the ground! So I end up sitting in J's car, taking my shoes and pants off, checking for more ants! Not fun!!! My legs freaking hurt!!!! So, get everything all settled and off to the races. Walked around for a bit looking at cars and stuff then found us a great seat where we could all fit plus the double and umbrella strollers. Things were going great. The first car got ready, then had an oil spill. It took like an hour to get that cleaned up! We walked around, ate snacks I had packed, cause I'm awesome like that, and waited, and waited....Eventually we were hungry and me, J, D, Mr. Man and Holly went in search of food. Other than kettle corn, way too expensive! I came up with just eating that plus the two bags of popcorn I brought and eating afterwards. So that's what we did, The races finally got started. We had to cover Holly's ears each time but other than that everybody did great. My legs had stopped hurting but I later discovered this was only because of the cold. Once I got warm again, they hurt again. We ended up leaving before it was completely done but we saw most of it. It was almost midnight when we left. So we grabbed some family packs at taco bell and headed home. The little kids hardly ate then crashed. I ate 3 soft tacos. I was hungry. About 1amthe adults finally got to crash. Then poor J, he had to be at work the next morning by like 7:15.  Most of the kids slept til like 10:30 this morning! WOW! Yesterday really was a crazy ass day! lol. Now after writing and rereading all of that, I think it's time for a snack and maybe a nap! lol. 

At Nitro Jam. There were 10 of us and that's how many balloons we ended up with too. 8 of them attatched to the two strollers!

Posing with the Black Pearl! Arg..... was he loud and bad ass! lol

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hormones and other rants

My hormones must be off the freaking chart!!!! So far I think this might actually be my most difficult pregnancy. I'm tired constantly, can't hardly stand the smell of anything, especially food. I feel like crying but can't. Feel like screaming, but again can't. I feel depressed, mad, sad and confused. Half the time I don't know what the hell I'm doing or feeling. Between this emotional roller coaster, nausea and migraines, I have no motivation to do anything besides the bare necessities. And that just depresses me even more.

I'm even starting to really really miss the small town in Ohio that I just moved away from. I've wanted to come back to Tucson for so many years now, but now that I'm here, I just don't know. I hate the schools and there's too much crime. My daughter's elementary school was put on lock down last week cause the was a shooting in the area! They didn't even call the parents. Just sent home notes at the end of the day. And Jordyn hates this school. She can't stand her teacher, and the kids are all so bad that the whole class loses their recess on a regular basis. Every time I've sent a note to her teacher about something, she never responds. Her work hardly ever gets sent home, and I haven't seen one of her spelling test since she started there. This just doesn't work for me. I need to be kept informed on what is going on with my child at school. We didn't have any of these problems at her old school. The staff was amazing, the kids were friendly, and Jordyn thrived there. I really really don't want to homeschool her but I'm seriously considering it!

And I really need to find something I can do from home to make money. I don't want to give up the benefits of staying home with my kids while they're young, but I need to make money. Hubby who I'm separated from, is no help financially, and even though I take care of the house and all of the kids, I still just feel too dependant on others. I need something to give me some sense of Independence. But there's so many work at home scams out there, that I'm not sure how to go about finding something legit. Does anybody have any advice?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I just got a huge and very exciting surprise today! Life has been so crazy lately that I've been really slacking on blogging, both writing and reading other amazing bloggers. So imagine my surprise when I wandered over to Cinnamon's blog to play catch up and see that she passed an award on to me! Totally made my day! Cinnamon is amazingly awesome but now that's just been tripled!

Here's the rules:

1. Thank & link back to the person who gave you the award,

2. Answer the form questions below.

3. Share ten random facts / thoughts about yourself.

4. Nominate (at least) 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

So a HUGE Thank You to a smart, funny, wonderful, unforgettable person and fellow blogger Cinnamon from Cinnamon's Spicy Life. If you haven't checked her out yet, then you're definitely missing out!

Now for the questions:

Favorite song: There's no way I can pick one song! I love music and a lot of it just depends on the mood I'm in. I love songs where you can feel the music and that tells a story. Bob Segar's Turn the Page is a favorite cause I love the saxophone in the beginning. Nickleback's Far Away is high on my list too. It's a perfect love song. My playlist bounce around a lot if you can't tell! lol

Favorite dessert: Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. And cheesecake! Although since I'm prego right now anything can be considered a dessert depending on my mood.

What ticks me off: Lying, dishonesty, rudeness, disrespect.

When I'm upset: I'm not very good at hiding my feelings and your best bet is to just leave me alone until I'm ready to talk.

Favorite pet: At the moment we have a very sweet 4 year old red nosed pit. He's great with the kids and ever since I got pregnant he's been stuck to me like an extra shadow.

Black or white: When it comes to clothes, black. It usually matches everything and it helps hide extra weight. With furniture though I'd say neither. They both show dirt or dust too badly.

Biggest fear: Spiders! I don't care how little or big they are! They are creepy nasty looking freaky creatures! I shudder to think about them even! UGH!

Everyday attitude: Usually I try to start each day out on a positive note but that's kinda difficult lately because every single day I'm battling bad headaches and nausea and intense fatigue. I can't wait until this part of pregnancy is over so I can feel normal again. I know my family can't wait either! lol

What is perfection: It doesn't exist. The closest you can get to perfection is just doing your best in everything you do. Honestly, I think perfection would be boring too. The little "mistakes" or quirks are part of what makes life interesting.

My guilty pleasure: There's a drawer in the fridge that the kids aren't allowed in. It's mostly filled with chocolate!!!

Here's the ten random facts about me:

1. I'm addicted to crime shows like Bones, Law and Order: SVU, and NCIS. I just love them!

2. I'm completely dreading cleaning and doing laundry today.

3. I am already thinking about baby names and I don't even know what I'm having yet, though I'm praying for a girl. I don't think I can handle another one of these crazy boys!

4. I would love to write a book but I'm too scared to fail that I haven't even really begun.

5. I love when my babies climb in bed with me to snuggle and watch tv.

6. I can't stand to cook meat right now cause the smell nauseates me. Although I am marinating steaks right now in Italian dressing. Hopefully I can cook it!

7. I love to read but I can't hardly stay awake long enough to even read a page lately.

8. I'd like to have my own business I just don't know what I want to do.

9. I've been having really crazy vivid dreams every night. I just can't really remember them in the morning.

10. I could have swore I felt a baby flutter the other night but I know it's too early for that. More like wishful thinking.

Ok, time to pass it on!

1. Heather at Mommy Only Has 2 Hands. She is so awesome! She just had a baby not too long ago and she still finds time to work on her wonderful blog. Plus her blog hops are some of my favorites.

2. Chantelle at Life Un-Airbrushed. She has a very straight forward, honest way of writing and looking at life. She's deep and insightful yet light and funny at the same time.

3. Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl. Formerly Scandal in the Choir Loft, this sweetly scandalous blogger host some of the best writing contest and has the most entertaining interviews with other bloggers.

4. Maria at Tough Cookie Mommy. She has some really awesome giveaways and reviews and also host another one of my favorite blog hops, Monday Mingle.

5. Boobies, Babies, & A Blog   is by far one of my very favorite blogs. She is hilarious and honest! A great combination. I love her giveaways, especially the KY ones, and her reviews are wonderful. I especially love her post SH#T The Boss Says! about the things her son tells her.

6. I can't leave out Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' it. You can't pass out an award for creativity without including her. Her writing prompts are truly wonderful and inspiring!

7. Allison at Twingle Mommy. This blog is a new one for me but I'm already in bloggy love! She has three adorable little girls, she takes beautiful pics, and has wonderful ideas for decorating her girls' room and for birthday parties! You've gotta check her out!