Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm scared of my own kids!

the ring movie photo: Ring - movie contest ring2.jpg
Why must my daughters constantly creep me out?! In Jordyn's defense only one time really jumps out at me. She was maybe two years old and my Aunt Leslie, Uncle Sarge and I had just finished watching the movie The Ring. Do you remember the little girl in that? Samara. Recall how she never slept and had long dark straight hair? Jordyn also had long dark semi straight hair and the child never freaking slept! So Jordyn and her cousins Shaye and Bruce are in the back of the house playing in the family room, Sarge is in one recliner and I'm sitting on the floor clinging to leaning against the other recliner where Leslie is sitting. Throughout the entire movie we kept cracking jokes about Jordyn being a baby Samara. Eventually the movie is over and I'm just sitting there spacing a bit, when baby Samara, I mean Jordyn, slowly and silently walks up next to me and just stands there. She doesn't move or say a word. I turned, probably to say something to Leslie and about jumped out of my skin to see Jordyn standing there looking at me. Omg I have still never lived down getting the crap scared out of me by my own child!

Now I have three year old Holly who likes to quietly creep walk down the dark hallway to the end of the couch where I like to sit, and stand there quietly until I notice her. She does this repeatedly for at least an hour just about every night. It's always to claim she has to go potty. I might believe her if she didn't have to walk past the bathroom to get to where I am. These girls are going to give me a damn heart attack!

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