Monday, November 25, 2013

Funny Things My Kids Say

My kids are hilarious, sometimes inappropriately so. Here's a few examples...

Holly who is three years old to her five year old brother. "Stop acting like a fucking cry baby"

Hunter about his one year old sister. "I don't want to go to school today. It's not fair that Riley gets to stay home and we don't."

Jordyn, who is 10, to her Aunt Dani, who is old, while at the bus stop last week. Seeing a bus turn the corner, "There's our bus. No that's not our bus." A short preschool bus pulls up and when the door opens, it's their usual driver. Jordyn burst out with "Are we being punished?"

Jordyn and her Aunt Dani were watching an episode of Melissa & Joey last night and condoms were mentioned. So Jordyn of course asked what that was. Poor Dani doesn't know what to do and tells her to ask again in a couple years and that it's grown up stuff. Jordyn however just will not let it go so I'm getting frantic text from Dani asking what she should do. I told her to tell her honestly that it's something grownups use when they have sex so that they don't get a disease or pregnant. Jordyn's response, "I shouldn't have asked! Ewwww!" She then promised not to ask again when she was told it's a grown up thing. lol

Holly while getting ready for school one morning, "This sock is stupid!" Then tries to put her jeans on over her pajama pants. Not a morning person!

As far as my 15 year old, Lexi, my fingers would get tired of typing cause she just cracks me up!

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  1. Sounds like me cause I can say the craziest things especially of you have me, lexi and haley together hahah.