Sunday, February 5, 2012

I peed on a stick.....

I figured that title would get your attention! So almost two years ago, after having Miss Holly, I had a procedure done called Essure. It's basically where they take these little springs, plug your fallopian tubes and it grows around it and locks out any little swimmers. Two years with no problems. I'm sealed up tighter then Alcatraz right? Evidently not! I kept telling my friend D to remind me that it was just stress that was causing me to be a week late, moody and irrational and so unbelievably tired. The good friend she is, she assured me. The better friend she is, she offered to go get me a pregnancy test to calm me down. The most awesome friend she is, she sat with me while waiting for the little hour glass to stop blinking on the pee stick. It didn't even take the full three minutes! My response. "Holy f***ing sh**!!!" That was repeated quite a few times I believe.

Now with that Essure thing I knew it was dangerous to be pregnant because it causes a high risk for an ectopic pregnancy. So they next day some friends took me out to the emergency room to get checked out. After about six hours of mostly waiting, they tell me that it is most likely ectopic. I'm in tears and these people suck at answering questions. All they really tell me is that they can't see anything even with an ultra sound. I had to explain to each person I dealt with what Essure was even! And they call themselves doctors! So they refer me to an ob/gyn and say I have to make an appointment within 24-48 hours to have more blood work done so that my hormone levels can be checked.

First thing the next morning I call to make the appointment and they fit me in the next day. At this point I am waiting for blood work to come back and for my next checkup and ultra sound next week. So far I haven't had any pain or spotting. It's just felt like a normal pregnancy. So hopefully I will be getting good news soon. Wish me luck!

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  1. You must be scared/worried! I will be thinking of ya! Please keep us posted.

    I had never heard of Essure. I myself had an ablation and had the same warnings about pregnancy. So far Hubster's visit to the vet has held up its end of the bargain and no surprises.