Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank goodness it was only my boobs!

Have you ever seen the post on facebook that says everybody has that one friend who makes all your other friends question your sexuality? For me that would be Kristina. I got the most random text from her the other day.

Kristina: How crazy are you?
Send me a pic of your boobs.

Me: lol Why?

Kristina: Cause I want it?

Me: lol Bra or no bra?

Kristina: No bra...

Me: Ok, hang on.

So I went into the bathroom and took a picture of my boobs! After I sent it and asked her what the purpose of that was, her response was "It's Wednesday, it's hump day!"

Now on to the main part of the story. Last night Josh and I had to go to an awards banquet with Lexi, our 14 year old, at her high school. Even though I was very proud of her for being presented with an award I really didn't want to go. It was semi formal, ugh, I am not the dress up kind of girl. But I love the pain in the butt teen so I sucked it up and got about as dressed up as I'm gonna get. So we're sitting there bored as hell but trying to act like we aren't when Lexi asked for my phone so she can show off pictures of her baby sister, Riley. Now her and I are very open an honest with each other so I had already told her about the text between Kristina and I. I reminded her when I handed her my phone NOT to scroll through my photo gallery. Evidently, she didn't tell her friend that...her male friend! All of a sudden I hear Lexi burst out laughing and I look up to see this boy, eyes as wide as saucers, hand clasped over his mouth, looking at me! All I could do in between embarrassed laughter was say "You scrolled didn't you?" I'm thankful for three things.

1. My face was not in the picture
2. It was only my boobs and not any other areas of my body
3. That boy was flaming gay!

Moral of the story. Don't hand teenagers your phone if you have anything that can be used against you as blackmail.

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