Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Greyhound Experience

I really suck at blogging lately don't I? I'm sorry. Everything has just been so crazy since the cross country move. We went from being a family of 5 to a family of 10! I can hear many of you screaming in horror, but it's actually not so bad. More on that in a later post though. 

Today you came to hear about our greyhound trip. Let me just start by telling you that it was the LONGEST TWO DAYS OF MY LIFE!!!!!! I never ever want to have a repeat of those days. And whoever is reading this and thinking "Aww, it couldn't have been that bad." should be shot! Just kidding...maybe!

So we get to the bus station at around 6:30pm for a 7:30 bus. This is after spending the weekend visiting in-laws and trying to say our good-byes. Not an easy feat. Especially since Miss Holly has been sick all weekend. Kind of sucks the joy out of visiting when you have a cranky baby constantly screaming. Anyways, about 8pm our bus finally leaves. Holly still isn't too happy. Hunter is tired and keeps saying he doesn't want to go to Arizona anymore he just wants to go home. And Jordyn, as much as I love her, is as clueless as ever and getting on our nerves. Our first stop was only an hour or so away and wouldn't you know it, Holly stays awake the hole time until about ten minutes before we get there. Add more crankiness to the mix now.

Some of this is such a blur that I don't remember all of it, but here's something I do remember. The bus station in Nashville, Tennessee freaking sucks and so does one certain employee!!!!! We get there just before 3am. Our bus driver gives us our reboarding pass and tells us to line back up at 3:15. So that's exactly what we do. Now add in an employee on a power trip who doesn't know how to speak clearly over the PA. We go to the door to get back on the bus, along with another couple and one other guy. Mr. Power trip tells us the bus is full and we have to wait three hours for the next bus! I tried explaining to him what the driver told us and show him our reboarding passes but he kept interrupting me. So we ended up sitting there for three more hours with tired, sick, crying children. And have I mentioned just how grumpy the hubby gets when it comes to moving or traveling? It's NOT a pretty sight!

A lot of the details are a little foggy for me now, I must be repressing the memories! But I can tell you that I now hate any state that begins with the letter T. My ass went numb from having Holly on my lap or in my arms for so long. I don't think once inch of my shirt didn't have Holly's snot on it somewhere. And passing Hunter off as just under two years old to save money on a ticket may not have been worth it. I don't know, you'd have to ask hubby that since he was stuck with the older two kids. HeeHee! I also know that by the end of this trip I had sore muscles that I never even knew existed from holding a 30 pound baby almost non stop!

Finally, at about 8pm Tuesday night we finally got to the bus station in Tucson. And our luggage wasn't there to meet us. Yep. Doesn't that just figure?! Luckily it showed up the next day. So there's a summary of what our cross country bus ride was like. Doesn't it just make you want to take a trip like it too? 

Hunter in Nashville

Jordyn in Columbus

Holly in Nashville


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