Saturday, March 30, 2013

Am I really crazy?

Writing...blogging...what's that? I don't remember anymore! I use to make time every single day to write. It helped me keep what precious little was left of my sanity. Now I'm so busy that the only time I can even think of something to write about is when I lay down to go to sleep and can't stop my brain from running in circles. Maybe I'm just crazy....hmm what are the signs of craziness?

  • having 7 children...check
  • having a household consisting of 9-11 people...check
  • yelling at my phone and/or laptop when people are being stupid and pissing me off while everybody in my house just stands there and laughs at me...check
  • staying up till 1am just to have a little piece and quiet without the kids, knowing full well that the baby will wake me up as soon as I start to fall asleep...check
  • trying to find different things to make for dinner even though I know somebody in the bunch will most likely refuse to eat it...check
  • putting two 5 year olds and a 3 year old in the same room at bedtime and actually expecting them to go to sleep...check
  • actually expecting a reasonable answer from the same two 5 year olds as to why they thought it was ok to jump off their sister's bed to touch the ceiling fan...check
  • walking into a room and having absolutely no idea why the hell I just walked in there...check
  • asking what happened when one or both of the 5 year olds are crying. I actually no longer care...check
  • expecting my hubby to be, Josh, to actually pay attention to what I'm saying to him when he's playing video games or watching tv...check
  • then expecting him to know what he did wrong...check 

I'm starting to see a pattern here...I'm not crazy, I'm just a mom! lol

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