Friday, March 11, 2011

Bus stop tears

There's a little girl at my daughter's bus stop that most of the other parents don't particulary care for. She's rude, bossy, and just a plain pain in the butt. The other kids kind of stay clear of her too. This morning when we got there though, she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said her step-mom tried to kill her. I thought she was exagerating the way seven year olds do and told her I doubted she was trying to kill her. She continued to cry so I asked her what happened. She was crying so hard I couldn't really understand her, then she said she just didn't want to talk about it. I took her aside so that the others couldn't hear and told her that sometimes you need to talk to other people so that they can help you. She said that she tells her dad but that he never does anything about it. Eventually I got her calmed down enough to get the gist of the story. Her and her step-mom had had a small argument over socks that morning, and the woman tackled her. She then went on to tell me that she does things like that to her all the time, and that she hits her. The bus was about to come so the best thing I could come up with was to hug her and suggest that she talk to the school counselor. After the kids all got on the bus, another mother and I were talking about what happened. Both of us recalled the step-mom telling us that she hated the child. I think it definatley explains the little girl's behavior most of the time. On the way home, I called the school and gave them as much information as I could about the child and what had happened. I also called children services. I was greatly disappointed in the reaction I got from cps. The woman seemed cold and unfeeling. She was only concerned with if there were any marks on the child. I told them it was cold so she was wearing a heavy coat, so it's not like I could actually see her body. They didn't seem to care at all about what the little girl had said, or to consider that there are many different forms of child abuse. I don't like to get trouble started or to get into a strangers business, but this little girl trusted me enough to tell her what happened, I wasn't going to just ignore it. I will also be checking back with the school to see if the counselor did talk to her or not. If a child ever tells you something like this, please don't "mind your own business." Make a call. You might just save a child's life.
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