Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can we just be done with this week?!

Monday I thought the day needed to start over. Tuesday I thought the week needed a do over. Today I think the whole week needs to hurry the hell up and just be done because I'm so f*%#ing over it!!!!!! Oh, that felt sooo good to type! All week Hunter and Holly have been driving me absolutely nuts! Hunter, who if you're new here or just don't remember, is 3 1/2 and Holly is almost 20 months. I swear I think they're tag teaming me or something. I know they sit in their room at night plotting new ways to drive me crazy! Hunter's favorite phrases this week are "My Mama's mean!" "I don't like you!" and "I'm closing my door!" My answer to the first two? Too bad! You're mean too! And maybe I don't like you either! And as far as his door. I'll gladly close it for him and maybe board it up from the outside! Too much? Come spend the rest of the week with him, you'll be handing me the hammer and nails! And as for Miss Holly, yesterday while I'm on the phone talking to a guy about renting a house for him, what d I turn around to see? Holly at the fridge with busted eggs all over my floor. The worst part? That's not the first time this week she's done this! I've also cleaned up no less than three spills of milk or juice from the table and floor where she's grabbed Hunter or Jordyn's cup plus a full glass of Hubby's tea in the living room cause she likes to grab his cup too. And I don't know how many times I've said the words...

"Stop getting things out of the trash! That's yucky!"
"Stop hitting your sister!"
"Don't bite your brother!"
"Stop jumping over your sister before you fall on her!"
"Do not pull poop out of your butt with your hands!"
Please, Please, for the sake of my sanity, somebody fast forward this awful damn week!!!!!

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  1. Stop pulling poop out of your butt with your hands? Ahhh, the things we never thought we'd say to our children! Deep breaths Momma, deep breaths!