Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Review

Is this week FINALLY over?! Oh thank goodness! Now please, somebody promise me next week will be better. Go ahead, lie to me if you have to, it will still make me feel better. But make sure to leave your name and address so that if it turns out horrible too I can hunt you down like a dog thank you properly!

So here's what the longest week in the history of the world is like. 

Monday: Hunter, who if you're new here, is my 3 1/2 year old son, acted like a mini asshole all day! Yes, I just called my son an asshole. Hey if the shoe fits! This made him mean and hateful not just to me but to his 19 month old sister too. And let me tell you, Miss Holly has no problem being mean right back to him! She holds her own and then some! Spent the day stressing over finding somewhere to move to and trying to pack while both little meanie children unpacked everything I put into boxes, yelled at and beat each other up, and just essentially drove me absolutely batty!

Tuesday: Repeat of Monday x 2

Wednesday: Repeat of Tuesday x 3 (here's some proof) plus went to look at a 3 bedroom house that would have worked out great if it wasn't completely nasty and the landlord wasn't a major slum lord.

Thursday: Repeat of Wednesday x 4 minus the slum lord but add in tears of frustration from me and the fact that in this small ass hick town, Trick-or-Treating was that night. Refer to this post to hear about Hunter's little cry baby butt during this supposedly fun event and to see some cute pics. 

Friday: Repeat of Thursday x 5 minus the Trick-or-Treating. Add in that we still can't find a decent place to move to and our time is QUICKLY running out. We ended up renting a one bedroom apartment at a pay by the week place until we can find something better.

Saturday: Kids were slightly better behaved then the days before, but add in some arguing with Hubby. He says I don't do anything during the day. So since Jordyn was gone at a bday party, I took my mp3 player and went in her room to pack stuff, while completely ignoring Hunter and Holly leaving him no choice but to look after them. I only put one ear bud in so that I could still hear what was going on. Even though he denied it later, it didn't take long for them to drive him crazy too! I don't care if he won't admit it, I heard it with my own ears. He just got a small taste of what I go through all day. I did manage to get a decent amount of packing done during this though!

Then after the kids went to bed we found this adorable cat outside. You could tell he was super friendly and very hungry. In a moment that reminds me why I fell for this guy in the first place, he lets the cat in, even though he has asthma and we aren't supposed to have pets here. I found some ham in the fridge to feed the poor kitty and he spent part of the night sleeping with me and the other part on Holly's little Backyardigans couch next to our bed. He is so super sweet and adorable! The cat I mean! lol. The bad part is that we won't be able to keep him. There is a $200 deposit at the place we're going to be staying at to have a pet! Outrageous right?!
So now we're up to Sunday. All three kids have been driving me batty and Hubby stayed up till like 3am so he's still asleep now at noon. Must be nice right? I know. Holly just went down for a nap and Jordyn and Hunter are playing the DSI together. For the moment I have a little bit of peace. Ahhh...

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