Friday, October 28, 2011


happy Halloween

Last night was Trick-or-Treat night in our town. It still seems strange to me that this doesn't actually happen on Halloween. It's not just me either, my friends in Arizona also find this very strange. Anyways, on with my point. My babies were so adorable last night! Again, it's not just me, others whole heartily agree! The Trick-or-Treating itself kind of sucked though. It seemed like hardly anybody was handing out candy this year! I know they don't need much sweets, I don't let them eat very much junk anyways, but I still feel like they got jipted on the experience. Then it didn't help that Hunter cried and refused to get out of the stroller almost the whole time! Luckily, Jordyn is an awesome big sister cause she made sure to always bring candy back to him too. And Holly had a blast. By the second house she had the hang of it and would hold her little pumpkin basket out for her treats!

We kind of threw Jordyn's costume together. I don't know what she was but she said she was a Cheetah Girl. And I got a good glimpse into her teenage years when I was doing her makeup. She's going to be gorgeous! Hunter had 2 layers of clothes on under his Spiderman costume and still insisted he was cold, and Holly was just as content as she could be as long as I didn't make her wear the hat to her witch costume and she had a sucker in her hand!

It was NOT easy to get this picture! Don't mind the mess in the background, we're getting ready to move!


My gorgeous little Cheetah Girl!




Mommy and my beautiful first born!

Happy Halloween


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