Thursday, July 7, 2011

Complete Without Kids Book Reveiw & Giveaway

Recently I had the chance to read the book Complete Without Kids by Ellen L. Walker, P.H.D. Now if you are familiar with my blog then you know that I'm the mother of 3 young children, so you're probably wondering why I was interested in reading this book. I'm the type of person who usually tries to see things from every body's point of view. So when I had the chance to get my hands on this book I jumped on it. And I'm so glad that I did!

By using very personal and sometimes very heartbreaking stories from both her own life and the lives of the people she interviewed, Ellen Walker brings to life all the different reasons why some people remain "childfree". I love that she uses that term rather than saying childless. This book makes you focus on the fact that even though society always pushes people, women especially, to get married and reproduce, having children isn't for everybody. And other times there are people who want children very badly but for one reason or another are unable to. Walker brings awareness to how isolated these people often feel in a society that is so focused on the "traditional" family.

Even though I have children, I really enjoyed this book and being able to see and understand the thoughts and feelings of those who are childless. I think this book is a must read for everybody, regardless if you have children, don't have children, or just aren't sure about having children.

Now here comes the really exciting part! Not only did Business2Blogger give me this opportunity to read this amazing book, I also get to give one away. Now this is my first giveaway so please bare with me.

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Winner will be chosen on July 14th (one week from today) using True Random Number Generator.

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  1. That sounds like an interesting read! I am going to add it to my book wishlist. I like to read many different topics and more than one perspective.

    I have never understood those that seem to think we must all procreate. It is definitely a personal choice and certainly not up to the general population to decide for people.

  2. Good morning, and good luck with your giveaway. I'm going to try my hand at that too soon.

    I'd love to say that I'd read this book, but I wouldn't...although I love your review of it. I didn't have my Jesse until I was 35 so I had LOTS of time to figure out what life was about without kids. In fact, I still don't like kids...LOL I only like mine because I have paperwork on him that says I have to...Just kidding. Hope you have a great weekend Echo. And tomorrow I will include your giveaway on my blog so maybe some of my readers will wander over here. Toodles for now !!!

  3. @Momma C-It really is a great book and gives a really good perspective on being childfree. Even though I do have kids I enjoyed being able to understand the other side of the coin so to speak. And I agree that the choice to have kids should be exactly that, a choice!

    @Cinnamon-Thanks, I'm nervous about doing my first giveaway, I hope people are interested. I always ask Jordyn if she can prove she's mine and she tells me I have paperwork on her! lol. Thanks for including my giveaway on your blog. I need all the help I can get! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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