Friday, July 15, 2011

A little bit of Randomness

First off, please forgive the delay to the 2 people who were interested in the Complete Without Kids Book Giveaway. My computer was acting up so had to be sent away to be fixed. I didn't get it back till late last night and hubby was breathing down my neck to use it too. So, the lucky winner is...drum roll please....
Yay! Congrats you just won a wonderful book. Send me an email ( with your info and I'll get the book sent out to you.

Now, back to my computer issues. How in the world does anybody live without one!? I didn't have it for about a day and a half, and I thought I was going to lose my mind! Oh wait, I think I already lost that. Anyways, it was sheer torment. I kept thinking about all the blog posts I was missing and all the emails piling up. And my poor farmville on facebook, all of my crops withered! I think I need a computer-holics anonymous or something. Would it be defeating the purpose to start one online? lol

Plus the only way to fix this stupid thing was to reset everything on it. So all the pictures and music and stuff in my favorite, all gone! I know that's just horrible isn't it!? And the reason my precious computer was acting up? My hubby. He was messing with some sites to download movies and we ended up with like 100 viruses or something! He should be hanging his head in shame but he's not, he's just shameless.

Why is it that while I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep, all I could think about were things to say in my post today, but now that I'm sitting here typing I can't seem to remember what I had wanted to say. I will tell you this though, I had some really good ideas.

Speaking of sleep, has anybody ever just out of the blue had a really strange dream about an old flame? That happened to me last night. It's somebody who I'm still friends with but we haven't even talked in a while. And it wasn't all mushy or sexual either. Well ok, maybe a little bit, but not all of it. I don't know how to explain it. It was like something out of a movie or a book or something. I don't remember it all well enough to tell you about it but I do remember there was a bad guy of some sort so we were running and hiding from him or it. Well, this is one post I definitely won't be posting on facebook. I don't think the hubby would take too kindly to this one. So shhh, don't tell.

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  1. I dream about old flames occasionally. Usually interesting, but it's just a dream so I don't let it get to me (but I never tell my hubs, he gets jealous). Following you back from the Friday blog hop.