Friday, September 2, 2011

Daily Ramblings

OK first, I have a small rant. Why is it that my 3 year old son is obsessed with his "peanut" already and my 18 month old daughter will not keep her damn diaper on???!!! At first it was only when Holly was in her bed that she would take her diaper off. Usually right after I had put fresh new bedding on it. Now not 2 minutes after you put the diaper on her, she takes it off no matter where she is or who is there. Now I understand Hunter's obsession to an extent but did this fascination really have to kick in so soon? And I can't help the thought every time Holly takes hers off that she's starting self exploration way too soon. Is that area really that sensitive this early in life? Please tell me that somebody else is having this crisis too!!!

Now that that is out of my system, we can move on. Today was a surprisingly productive day. I really did not want to clean today but it REALLY needed to be done. Honestly, it was the hubby who made me get motivated today. Now here comes the truly shocking part. HE HELPED ME CLEAN! I know right?  I'll wait while all you jealous wives recover from shock... And he didn't just pretend to help either. He really truly helped. He laughs when I tell him this but I know you ladies will understand and agree. When your man helps you clean, especially without complaining, it is SUCH a turn on! I see your heads nodding in agreement. And it puts you in a way good mood doesn't it?  I know a hubby who is pretty much guaranteed some lovin's tonight.

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