Sunday, September 4, 2011

"You just hit me with a damn spider!"

Omg the funniest and yuckiest thing happened to me last night! I got smacked in the forehead with a dead spider! You can't help the morbid curiosity that's going to make you keep reading this right? I know. So here's how it happened. I was sitting outside talking to my neighbor's son Joe. All of a sudden I see this huge spider crawling across the ground. Now if you know me at all then you know I don't do spiders! The conversation that followed went something like this...

Me: Eew Joe, kill that spider!!!
Joe: Uh uh, you kill it!
Me: No, you're the boy, you kill it!
Joe: I'm scared of spiders, you kill it!
Me: No way, you're the man here, you kill it!
Joe: I'm not a man yet!
Me: (laughing) Then it will make a man out of you!

This is about the time I start throwing rocks at it.

Me: Step on it Joe!
Joe: You step on it!!!
Me: No, I have open toed shoes, yours are better for this.
Joe: Then I'll give you my shoe and you can step on it!

So Joe builds up his courage and throws one of his shoes at it. Complete miss! So he throws the other one. Misses again. And his shoes aren't small either. So I looked down and saw this big rock. I was going to stand above it and drop the rock on it. Joe says "No, give it to me, I have better aim." Throws and misses. My 3 year old could have hit the damn thing. So Joe picks up his empty water bottle to smash this spider. He had to have tried to hit it at least 5 or 6 times, missing most of the time. Finally, he picks up his shoe and smacks the spider a couple of times. Yay it's dead! End of story right? Uh No. The dead spider is stuck to the bottom of his shoes. He then pretends like he's going to throw the shoe at me. Instead the damn spider flies off, smacks me in the forehead, lands on my shirt then on my pants when I jump and finally ends up on the ground in front of me where I fling it!

I was so shocked that all I can do is laugh! Although I did smack Joe a couple of times for good measure. Joe laughed so hard he about peed himself! It was so crazy I couldn't even be mad. I just kept saying in between giggles "You just hit me with a damn spider!"

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  4. AH!!! I hate spiders - can't stand them AT ALL!

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  5. I feel the same about spiders, I could only imagine the scene, I was laughing the whole time I was reading this! Good one.
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  8. I don't think that there is a single thing in the world that can get me alert as quick as a spider! Yikes!