Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook and texting

I'm almost ashamed to admit it but Facebook and texting have become my lifelines. Physically I spend all my time either with my kids or at school. Sometimes the need to talk to somebody over the age of seven is almost overwhelming. Since having an actual conversation can be difficult while chasing a baby, taking a three year old potty, and answering the limitless amount of questions a seven year old can come up with, I find myself either texting or posting whenever I get the chance. It's easier to check my phone or computer in between kids and studying. They also come in handy since a lot of my friends live in Arizona and with the time difference, kids, jobs, and school, talking isn't very easy. I never thought it was possible but I'm completly addicted to my phone and computer! There are some drawbacks to this though. I get so used to texting and posting that sometimes I don't even bother to walk next door to talk to my neighbor! Cell phones and online social networks can be wonderful ways for busy parents to keep in touch with the outside world, but they can't completly replace having coffee with a best friend.
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