Sunday, February 27, 2011

Like father, like husband

I've been noticing lately that no matter how hard we try to fight against it, the men we choose to have relationships with, are in at least some way, reminders of our fathers. This can be either a good thing or a bad one. If your father was a kind, loving, hard working man, and you choose a spouse who has those same qualities, then you're probably ok. On the other hand, if your father was prone to not working, being decittful, or abusive in some way and your spouse acts the same way, then you're continuing the cycle. It seems like we naturally gravitate towards what we know, even if it's not good, it's our comfort zone.
Unfortunitly, it's not just our own lives this affects. Our children also suffer from this cycle. If we don't do anything to change the circumstances of our lives then our children learn the same things we did. Change is scary but it's also a nessesary part of life. If you want a better life for your kids, then break the cycle. Don't condem your children to the same life that you've been so unhappy with. Give them a chance at a happier more productive future.
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