Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Superhero Birthday Party

               Red and blue streamer hung from the ceiling in sweeping arches, fluttering softly with the opening and closing of the front door. Green, red, yellow, blue and orange balloons also dangled in bunches from the ceiling. Dozens more balloons danced across the floor with every step that was taken. Everywhere you looked there were superhero decorations; Spiderman, Ironman, and Transformers. A three year old boys’ dream birthday party.
                In the middle of the blue tablecloth covered table was the main attraction, a blue cake with Batman riding a motorcycle that my son had happily picked out himself. The rest of the table and countertops were filled with food. Chips with a homemade cheese and salsa dip my husband had made. Football shaped chocolate chip cookies. A tray full of colorful veggies and dip that all the kids greedily devoured. Candy in Spiderman wrapping. And on the stove came the aroma of fresh baked peperoni pizzas.
                Eight giggling, screeching children ran amok in our two bedroom apartment, obviously having a blast. Balloons flew through the air and noisemakers blew. Even the baby was in on the madness, crawling and laughing after the bigger kids.
                When it was time for the presents to be opened, all the kids gathered around the birthday boy and his pile of gifts. Three adults were ready with camera phones to capture every smile over each new treasure. The messiest yet possibly the most fun new toy, was the Spiderman Web Shooter. Adults and children both squealed and laughed as they were sprayed with blue silly string. There was blue “web” hanging from the streamer, covering the tables and toys, and dangling from pony tails. After the new toys were played with came a game of pin the tail on the donkey. Dizzy, blindfolded kids tried to put a sticker tail on a donkey taped to the door. They had so much fun that even when the winner was announced, they continued to play.
                Next, came a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” as the guest of honor blew out the flame on the number three candle standing next to Batman. Staying with the superhero theme of the party, was Superman ice-cream.
                At the end of the day popped balloons were on the floor, the streamer sagged, the trash can was overflowing of superhero plates and napkins, and Ironman wrapping paper lay bunched on the floor. The veggies and pizza were devoured, the juice spills cleaned up. My house was a mess, I was exhausted, and my son was blissfully happy. Hunter’s third birthday party was deemed a success!


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