Sunday, February 20, 2011

Teething craziness

Fever, fussiness, sour stomach and nasty diapers; oh the joy of a teething baby! My youngest child seems to get every sympton there is when it comes to teething. She chews on everything, has trouble sleeping, refuses to eat, follows me through the house wanting held constantly. And there's nothing like being out somewhere eating when all of a sudden your precious little one vomits sour milk everywhere or completly leaks through their diaper! What can you do but quickly and quietly clean up what you can while rushing to the bathroom and praying that nobody noticed. All the while your other children are talking as loudly as they can about the mess their little sister just made. We've all been there at one time or another. They best solution I've found for this teething craziness are teething tablets. They are all natural, inexpensive, and disolve quickly. You can find them in most stores or order them online. Other than that, take a deep breath and remember that the teething craziness doesn't last forever.
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  1. Im sorry, the teething tablets are no longer available on that site, but you can still get them at Krogers.