Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shopping with kids

I was in the self checkout line yesterday, waiting for my husband to finish when my three year old son asked me if he could eat his candy after dinner. My seven year old then asked what we were having for dinner and when I told her fried pork chops, she hugged me and said she loved my pork chops. The cashier watching over the lines was amazed at my children! This kind of took me by surprise, in general my kids are pretty well behaved so I didn't expect the compliment, but it made me feel really good about my kids and my parenting. Although that same cashier may not have been so ready to compliment my children if she had seen them the week before at another store. That day my eleven month old and my three year old were both throwing huge temper tantrums! But that moment when a complete stranger said how good my children were, made me stop for a minute and really appreciate my kids. And it almost erased the memories of that other shopping trip!
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