Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happily ever after?

Does happily ever after really exist or is it just an illusion that fairy tales fills little girls' heads with? When we're little we're told "innocent" stories of beautiful princesses waiting for their prince charmings to come and resue them. They're filled with pretty dresses, catchy songs, evil villians and handsome princes, but they give little girls the wrong idea about life and about love in general. These bedtime stories we tell our daughters give them the impression that to be important and to be happy they have to wait for a man to save them. I know that these are just stories but do they all have to be the same? Can't there be a few stories about smart, funny, strong girls that work hard and make their own lives meaningful? Then later when they know who they are and what they want they meet a kind, caring, hard working man and work together as a team to build a life. Young girls need to know that there are other kinds of happily ever after besides just sitting around and waiting to be resued.
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  1. You are forgetting my favorite Disney character and I know she is not technically a princess but she is still very special. Her name is Mulan and she is incredible and every little girl should know her.

  2. You know, I forgot all about her. You are completly right, Mulan is an inspiration. She's a great example of a brave, inteligent girl who knows her own mind. Thank you for reminding me of her.