Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adding to the zoo

I wrote a few days ago about my house being like a zoo because of all the pets we have. Well, we added to our little zoo. We now also have a male and a female ferret, Duke and Daisy. A couple weeks ago a co-worker of my friend was going to sell her ferrets with the cage and all accessories for $150.00. A great deal! But at the time we just didn't have the extra money so we passed. Then today, my friend asked me if we still wanted them...for free!!! Oh yeah! I jumped on it. The lady loved her ferrets, but her dog wasn't as fond of them, so she feared for their safety. As I type, my hubby is building ledges and ramps in our new additions cage. Sometimes  I don't know who's more spoiled, our kids or our pets!
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