Monday, May 23, 2011

Ranting about neighbors

I'm going to rant for a little bit, please excuse the bitching and moaning. There should be some kind of rule about being able to choose your neighbors! Seriously! The people who moved in next to us have only been there for maybe a month and I'm already ready to move just because they are so annoying! Have you ever had anybody come to your door at least 5 times a day, usually asking to borrow something? That happens to me every single day now. Not only do they borrow everything that isn't nailed down, it takes at least a week before they return whatever it is! Or have somebody knock on your door so hard or talk so loudly when you answer the door that they repeatedly wake your baby up? Again, that's how my day goes. And a 14 month old who doesn't nap all day long, is not a pleasant child, which makes for a really unpleasant mommy! And if mommy's not happy, nobody is happy!

On top of being loud and annoying, at times I think they may be dangerous. There's nothing like laying in bed at 11pm trying to relax for the few kid free moments I have, only to hear yelling and shouting right outside my door. I wake my hubby up and we go outside to see at least 5-6 people on the ground in a fist fight. So not cool! They beg us not to call the police, and since we're trying to be drama free and understanding people we don't call them. Then they have the nerve to have a repeat match the very next night! Are you kidding me!? Couldn't they have at least waited a few days before the next rumble? Maybe I should start a petition, no annoying people for neighbors. Think anybody else would sign it?


  1. I would sign that petition. I have a neighbor that calls the cops constantly about my dogs even though my dogs don't do anything.

  2. Oh boy. I had a bad bunch of neighbors in our apartment. So happy we got our house and moved when we did, because I don't think I could have handled them anymore! I'd sign that petition, lol! Imagine 3 adults and a baby, with one baby on the way in a 2 bedroom apartment...those people were not fit to be parents to the one they had, much less another one! Constantly screaming at the kid, constantly screaming kid and they wouldn't console him or try to quiet him (I started to wonder if the kid was by himself in the apartment at times!), and radio alarm going off so loud in their apartment that it woke us up in ours at 5am....and they'd leave it play for a half hour or more! I left a note on their door, then the guy had the nerve to confront me and corner me in the basement laundry room about it - scary people! Good luck with your neighbors, I hope you can come to some sort of resolve with them!