Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things you never thought you would say to your child!

  • No, it's not ok to pee on your sister.
  • Yuck, don't lick the catfish!
  • Spit out the rabbit poop!
  • Get your head out of the dog's mouth! (This one I borrowed from my Aunt).
  • Don't call Daddy an asshole (to my 3 yr old).
  • Umm, the boy and girl bunny are just wrestling honey.
  • Put that stick down before I beat your butt with it.
  • If I find the mouse before you I'm feeding it to the snake! (borrowed from the Hubby)
  • Yes, I know your baby sister's poop is a different color than yours.
  • If you pull out your tooth before it's ready the Tooth Fairy won't come.
  • Be quiet and answer me!
  • Stop playing with your butt!
  • We don't talk about poop while we're eating.
  • Stop cleaning your room and play with your sister.
  • No, don't bite Daddy's toe.
  • We don't touch other people's boobies.
  • Because I said so!

What are some things you've found yourself saying to you child that you never thought you would say?
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1 comment:

  1. The things we find ourselves saying when we are parents is just hilarious. I told my child to not lick the toilet paper after she wipes with it yesterday. In her defense she is just starting this potty training thing.