Friday, May 20, 2011

Randon Thoughts

1. Why is it that after tucking my children in 4 or 5 times every singe night, they still act surprised when I get mad and yell "If you get up one more time I'm running away from home!"

2. If I change my name, do I still have to answer to "Mommy"?

3. How many pets do you have to have before you can call your house a zoo and start charging an admission?

4. Why do my boobs still have milk in them when I stopped breastfeeding almost 11 months ago?

5. Why does my hubby think grabbing my boob as I walk by is foreplay?

6. How did I get addicted to Farmville?

7. How is it that my hubby blames everything on me, when it's all obviously his fault?

8. Do you think the cleaning fairies accept bribes?

9. If I completley ignore my family while I'm writing am I a bad wife/mommy?

10. How does my 14 month old still find stuff to put in her mouth right after I vaccum?

11. Maybe it's good my hubby doesn't read these, then he'd know I talk about him.

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