Sunday, May 15, 2011

My house is a zoo!

If your squeamish about animals you may want to avoid my house. The least offensive of our pets are our fish in their 80 gallon tank, and our rabbit Zoe, who I call a puppy. And of course my youngest child who seems to think she's a monkey. After that there's my hubby's 6 ft long california king snake, each of my older kids pet mice, and the 18 inch garter snake that my son let out of it's aquarium two weeks ago, and we still haven't found. My daughter's mouse was M.I.A. most of today but I caught her while getting the kids ready for bed.

I can picture half of you squirming and saying "No way in hell!" While the other half is saying "Yep, sounds like my house too!" I use to be in the "No way!" group, now I've just accepted it. As long as the snakes aren't big enough to eat my kids, I'm good. But I definitely draw the line at spiders. No if's, and's or but's about it. NO WAY!
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