Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How you know you're a Mom

I recently read a post on another blog ( http://www.lettersforlucas.com/ ) about what it means to be a mom , and it inspired me to make my own list. 

How you know you're a Mom...

  • when you lock yourself in the bathroom just for a few minutes of alone time (even though they still find you in there).
  • when you either get up an hour early or stay up an hour later just to get a hot shower alone.
  • when you hide your favorite cookies on a top shelf away from little hands and eyes.
  • when every room of your house looks like a toy store.
  • when your grateful if your meal is even luke warm.
  • when you go weeks at a time hardly looking in a mirror let alone putting on makeup.
  • when you average 3-4 hours of sleep a night because you're up with a sick or scared child. Or just checking on them during the night.
  • when you wash more bottles and sippy cups then you do actual cups.
  • when you find yourself smiling just watching your children play.
  • when a sloppy baby kiss or a "transformer" hug (thats what my son calls a big hug) makes all your stress go away.
  • when you have the crazy urge to wake your little one up at night just to snuggle with them.
  • when you find yourself saying things like "Don't lick your sister."
  • when your on a first name basis with the staff at the pediatricians office.
  • when you can remember all your children's ages and birthdays, but can't remember your own.
  • when you choose your friends based on who your kids are friends with.
  • when your most favorite past time is just snuggling with your babies.

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