Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jordyn Says...

Here's the first post from Jordyn Says...Everything I post here will be copied directly from her writing, in her words, and with her spelling and punctuation. The first batch is from her journal writing at school. Feel free to leave coments for her. She's so excited about this! And please remember she's just in first grade.

I am a big help to my mommy. I help my mom by cleenin my room and by playin with my sistr. I play with my bruthr too.

I can eat is crem all by my self. I can play a gyam. I can play all by my self. I can cleen my room all by my self.

My friend is my mom. We play with each other. We go to the park. I like to swing with my mom. I like to play like a grl with my mom.

I love winter. In winter you can make snow fort. I can see snow. I can hear Santa said how how how!

I got a pritee dres frum my mommy for my brthday. I love it. I said thanc you mommy.

My special person is my boyfrin! I love my boyfrin! My boyfrins name is Gyab. My boyfrin is special! I love you Gyab!

One day I lost my game boy. I was sad. But my mom fond it. Then I was viree happy.

At school I sleep in the clasroom. I eat in the cafeteria. I will bring my favrit stufanumole. I will bring my favrit blacee. I will bring my favrit piloe.

Today I will clean my room. First, I will eat ice creem. Next, I will lisin to myoosik. Then, I will make my bed. Last, I will pick up my toys. My mom will like my room.

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