Friday, May 13, 2011

The cleaning fairies must be on strike!

How is it possible that only a few days after thoroughly cleaning my house, it suddenly looks like a hurricane and tornado had a play date here? My living room looks like Babies-R-Us, my kitchen looks like we catered a massive party, my bathroom resembles a small water park, and pigsty doesn't even begin to explain my children's rooms. I'm not even sure my son actually has a floor!

I asked my hubby if I looked like a maid to which I'm told that maid and mom are the same thing. I tell my son to clean up his room and he comes up with every excuse imaginable; he's tired, he's hungry, he needs a hug, there's a monster, he's too little, the list goes on.

When my daughter cleans her room, I have to specify not to shove things under her bed. Then when she claims to be finished, I have to tell her that shoes, clothes, and books do not belong in her toy box. Her barbies should be in her barbie box, her baby doll stuff in their box, her clothes in their drawers and closet, and on and on it goes.

The baby isn't innocent in this mess either. She has more toys than any child her age should have, yet she insists on getting into everything but her toys. Lately she loves to grab my shirts as I'm putting laundry away and carrying them around like a blankie. Even if I give her a blankie, she still wants my shirts. I have no idea what the fascination is.

I've heard tales of little fairies who come in the night to clean your house. I think they must have went on strike when they set eyes on my house! Please little fairies, wherever you are, come back!
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  1. My cleaning fairies are on strike as well. In fact, I am pretty sure they were supposed to show up this morning. Haven't seen them yet...

    Here from LBS!

  2. I'm amazed that it takes a few days for it to look like a tornado has hit it! Mine usually only takes an hour or so. In fact, most of the time I'm just in damage control mode. If you find those little fairies -- send them my way!

    Here from LBS!

  3. I can't get the cleaning fairies to show up around here, either, OR the laundry fairies, OR the yard work fairies. But if I rant long enough about how "no one does anything around here except me" the wine fairies do usually leave a little something in my fridge :) (visiting from LB Tea Party)

  4. I'm also waiting for the "make these kids stop arguing before I lose my mind!" fairies. Anybody know where they are??!!

  5. Ahhhh... those dang fairies. They're never around when you need them.

    We don't have any kids and my hubby is convinced there are fairies in our attic! I keep trying to tell him that I AM the fairy, but I never seem to get credit for the cleaning!


    Here's my own "Brigade of Fairies" post.. if you're interested!