Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zoe the bunny/puppy

This is my youngest child and her bunny Zoe. Most of the time I call Zoe a puppy. I've never seen another rabbit like her, she really is more like a puppy or even a cat maybe. She lives outside in her hutch but I bring her in the house a few times a week to play and get lots of love (a lot of kisses come from me). Zoe and the baby take turns chasing eachother around the living room. My daughter can pet her, pull her fur or her ears, pretty much do anything to her, and Zoe just lays there. Out of all our pets (fish, a snake, and 2 mice) Zoe is definatley my favorite. She's so easy to maintain and has such a good temperment.

See why I need the cleaning fairies? And this pic is just a small glimpse!

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