Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad mommy moment?

I think I'm having a bad mommy moment. Or maybe my oldest daughter is just having a bad daughter moment, I don't know...Sometimes I wish I had had all boys instead of the 1 boy and 2 girls that I do have. Now before you either sympathize or condemn me, let me tell you what happened today.

My 3 kids and I were hanging out at my BF's house today with her and her daughter while our hubby's were working. She lives in a double and her neighbors just moved out not too long ago. We both have the same landlord who had told us to go over there to see if there was anything left behind that we wanted and so that BF's hubby could clean out the apartment. Well it was kind of yucky over there so we didn't want to take the kids with us. We put Holly in her pack-n-play and told the girls to stay inside with Hunter. They were looking right at us when we told them this so of course we naively assumed they would listen.

We were next door for maybe 10 minutes. We heard Holly start fussing so we gathered our stuff and headed for the door. About this time I see BF's daughter outside. We walk out the back door and ask what she's doing. Her and Jordyn pipe up with they were looking for us. We tell them and Hunter to go inside. About this time, their neighbor across the alley walks over to us. He then informs us that our girls yelled across the alley for him saying that they're scared and can't find their parents! He tells us that he saw us walk into the apartment but that in about another 10 minutes he was going to call the police! WTF?! He has the nerve to ask us not to put him in that position again!

We go inside, and ask the girls what in the world they were thinking. We told them exactly where we were and why they couldn't go with us, and where they were supposed to stay. There's some ranting and raving on our parts, and crying on theirs. We put them both in the corner, and then call their dad's. As soon as the girls hear this they start bawling even harder.

The men get home soon after and before coming inside, they go talk to the neighbor. Here's where the plot thickens even more. My precious daughter, told this complete stranger that she knew where she lived and could he take her home!!! Are you freaking serious??!! Honestly, at this point we were all so mad at these kids we could hardly look at them! I don't know how many times both of these girls have been explained to about how dangerous strangers can be.

None of us know what to do with these girls. They are so deceitful! Out of the 6 kids we have between us, it's always the girls who are in the most trouble! We can't trust them for anything especially when they are together. I'm scared to death that my other daughter is going to act just like them when she gets older! I'm at a complete loss!

I'm begging you all, does anybody else have kids like this? Is it just a stage or are we doomed as far as our daughters are concerned?

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