Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A huge case of the grumpies

*** actual husbands, children or animals have actually been harmed today...yet!***

Ever have a day where you just feel like ripping somebodies head off? And where it doesn't matter how much you love your family, you just can't stand them at that very moment? A day where the mere sound of your hubbys' or your kids' voices make you cringe? A day where nothing goes right and you keep looking at the clock wishing for bedtime so that you can start the day over tomorrow, just to find that it's only noon? That is me today.

My hubby is annoying today, and I can't even tell you exactly why. Jordyn is an almost 8 yr old who I keep threatening to send back to kindergarten if she doesn't learn how to put her shoes on the correct feet and to stop slamming the damn door while her sister is sleeping!

Hunter is a mouthy 3 year old, whos' vocal cords I'm ready to tear out if he talks back to me just one more time!

Holly is a 15 month old, who is teething...enough said there right?

My house looks even worse than if a hurricane and tornado together came through it. I bitch and moan about it, while occasionally crying, yet just can't bring myself to try to clean it either. And the thought of making dinner is enough to send me into hysterics!

I decluttered my Facebook yesterday by deleting anybody who regularly stresses me out or doesn't better my life from knowing them. I'm still upset over some of the people I had to delete.

The stupid letter T on my keyboard keeps sticking and royally pissing me off. Have you ever realized just how many words you use that have the letter T in them?

Our ferrets shit way too much and stink. I just cleaned their cage and I keep thinking if they shit one more time, I'm going to feed them to the dog!

So what's given you a huge case of the grumpies lately?

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  1. Maybe you should step away from tttttttthe keyboard !! I know what's wrong with you, it's about 7 days till your period isn't it? It's called PMS (or Putting up with My family's Shit)

    Hormones sweetie...hormones !!

  2. actually you're not far from the truth there, i'm about day 3 into my period! The real one, not just putting up with my family's shit. damnit, now the letter I is sticking...agghhh!!!

  3. lol..i was about to say PMS and strangely enough I am as annoyed as you are about mostly everything and I am on Day2. Let's just blame the moon. that's easy.

  4. that works for me...the moon it is! lol damn stupid moon...

  5. Don't you hate days like that. Even PMS is worse.

  6. OH God, can totally relate. Having same kind of day. Made my kid's teacher cry...I'm actually a little proud about that one.
    Loved how you had a Facebook purge. I don't delete anybody because I couldn't be bothered, but I hide those who talk about their kids all the time. Hope you feel better soon, but on a positive note, all that anger and frustration burns calories! No, seriously it does! It's like adrenaline is coursing through your body nonstop for the duration of the grumpiness!

  7. It must be the moon, we're all having bad days I guess. That teacher must have screwed up big time! Facebook is great and I'm totally addicted to it but it can be a huge pain too. That's pretty cool about the calories. The next time my hubby ask why I'm in such a pissy mood I'm going to tell him I'm just exercising! lol Thanks for the excuse...I mean info!