Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show and Tell

Welcome to show and tell! I hope everybody will link up and share with the class! Here's the class rules...
  1. Show us one of your favorite post that you have written, with a link to it.
  2. Tell us one of your favorite post that I have written.
That's it! Show and Tell!
I guess since I can't very well do 1 and 2, I will show a post I like that I've read recently.
And tell a favorite post of my own.

Today I was reading through the best of post for Lady GOO GOO GAGA and I about peed myself laughing at her tale of her first playgroup with her kids. They were total Stepford Wives...Do si si do...You have got to check out her blog!

As for a favorite post that I have written, I'm pretty partial to Our Vacation Adventures. It's about our weekend to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium with our best friends. Between the two families there are 6 kids. It was definitely an interesting trip.

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