Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Building Sandcastles

Over the weekend we took a day trip to Deer Creek, well actually 2 day trips because we went on both Sunday and Monday. The first day was just our family but the second day our best friends went with us. We had a blast! We went swimming at the beach, had a picnic, played at the playground, and ended the day with fishing. Holly giggled at first when she saw all the water at the beach, until the first wave knocked her on her butt! She spent the rest of the time on my lap with her head against my chest. She did like the wet sand though. And Hunter was very impressed with all the sand. Take a kid who loves dirt and rocks and set him loose on a beach! Pure bliss! And Jordyn has always loved the water. As long as she can touch  bottom. Try teaching her to swim and she freaks out! The hubby thought it would be funny to put wet sand down my top, but I got even! I shoved a handful down his butt crack! He's vengeful though. The next day when we went back to the beach, he shoved sand down the back of my shorts! I'm not exaggerating, when I went to the bathroom later, I think a sandcastle fell out of my butt! I must get even!!!

Hubby, Jordyn, Hunter and Holly playing in the sand.
Holly testing out the water. 

Jordyn sitting pretty at the playground.

Holly the daredevil.

Daddy had the idea to eat ice-cream in the car. It was a huge mess but it was SO good. If you ever find a place called Frosties, stop in for some of their homemade ice-cream!


Hunter caught the first fish of the day!

This show off caught 4 fish.

Yes, my fish was even smaller than Hunter's but damnit I caught one!

This is how Holly fishes! Toys and twizzlers, what more could a baby ask for!

Our mighty fisherman/fisherwoman.

My BF and her little boyfriend Hunter. Aren't they cute!

Aren't they so pretty!

And the winner for the biggest catch of the day is.....Jordyn!!! YAY!

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