Friday, June 17, 2011

Pictures from my phone-Blog Hop

Today I'm linking up with The Peanut Post for her blog hop Pictures from my phone. The pics of her little ones are so adorable!

It was so hard for me to choose just a few pics to use, most of my pictures end up being taken with my phone. But here's what I narrowed it down to.

Jordyn and her best friend, who is the daughter of my best friend!

Daddy and his little buddy Hunter

Best friends doing their makeup!

They were dancing to a Justin Bieber c.d.

Boy, trick or treating is so hard at this age!

Holly out cold!

She looks like she's holding on to her bed for dear life!

Holly letting me know she's tired of not seeing the world while in her stroller.

I'm always telling the hubby that she's really a puppy!

Hunter and Grandpa.

Proof that they love each other.

Hunter "reading" his shark book.

Hunter and Spider Man...napping from crime fighting maybe?

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