Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rewind Wednesday

This is my first attempt at using a Linky tool so please bare with me What I'm wanting to do is find out some of your favorite things from your childhood. Favorite cartoons, toys, places, stuff like that. Try to make at least one from the year you were born. So come on everybody, Link up...Tag, you're it!

1983...For some strange reason I love knowing that the Cabbage Patch Kids were "born" the same year as me. I can still remember mine. She had red hair, a red dress, and little white shoes. I loved that doll. Unfortunately, I lost it over the years. The Hubby came home with one from a yard sale a couple weeks ago intending to give it to our 15 month old. I flipped out on him and told him in no uncertain terms that we were NOT giving a almost perfect looking Cabbage Patch doll to a slobbering baby. He backed away like he had cornered a wild animal. 

Junior Gorg: Look, Ma! I got a Fraggle!

Who could ever forget Fraggle Rock? Also born the same year as me! I grew up watching Red, Boober, Doc and Sprocket the dog! I wish the cartoons our kids watch now could be a little more like this sometimes.

Now you can't leave out the Macarena! I still can't hear this song with out picturing my friends and me at about 13 years old! And I don't care how long it's been, it still has a catchy tune!

Anybody else remember Pogs? I never did get the point of them but they were "cool" so I collected them all too.

Ok, your turn, what were some of your faves as a kid?


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  1. Hey girlie. Sorry it took so long for me to hook up. I found a few things from the Dark Ages and posted them. LOL

  2. thank you, thank you....thank you! I was starting to think nobody wanted to play with me today! lol

  3. I will be in for next week!!! :)

  4. ah... pogs, I love pogs. I just might have to go find mine now because yes I still have them. I just can't throw them out. I figure my kids will play with them some day.