Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Completely disgusted with myself!

Why is it that the older we get, the harder it is to lose weight? I was always a little chunky as a kid but when I was about 16 I thinned out considerably. I was loving it. I was never rail thin skinny but I was finally slender at least. I had my first baby at 20 and immediately lost all the weight, not that I actually gained much. Now don't start booing me for that. I was young and we also didn't have a car so we walked a lot. Had the second baby a month after I turned 25, again dropped the weight fast. The third and last baby came along at 27. Once again, within a few short weeks the weight was all gone. I'm only 28 now. My baby is almost 16 months old. So why the hell do I weigh more now than I ever did when I was pregnant!? Seriously! Is this karma or something? I bounce back quickly after each birth so I have to pay for it now?! It's so not fair. I'm completely disgusted with my body! And is the hubby any help? Nope! He picks on me for being chubby now. He claims he's not picking on me, that he's doing it lovingly, to that I say WTF EVER! Yes, I have hips and curves now that I didn't have at 16, that I don't mind. But where did all this extra crap on my belly, arms and thighs come from? I looked at a picture the other day of me and baby number three when she was about a week or two old and you can't even tell I had just given birth. But when I see a picture of myself now or look in a full length mirror I find myself wondering why people aren't asking when I'm due. It's not fair, none of my clothes fit, hell I don't even know what size I wear anymore! All I can say is, God sure does have a sense of humor!

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1 comment:

  1. Oh, quit yer bitchin....LOL If I was HWP (height/weight proportionate) I'd be 8 feet tall !!

    You're plenty young enough to lose it if you want to. You like to walk right? Come on down and visit me....and walk. All the way to Florida !!

    Happy hump day kiddo.