Thursday, June 2, 2011

End of the year surprise party

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids in our area, so my BF came up with the idea of having an end of the year surprise party for them. So we sent the older kids to school, the men off to work, strapped the little ones into their respective car/booster seats and set off to gather the supplies.

Most of the day went great! We left my house at about 11:30am and headed to the grocery store. We got the food and goodies we needed for the kids party and a few groceries for both of our homes. So far so good, the kids are behaving, everything is great. Drop food off at my house, head on over to her house.

First problem...

BF is locked out of her house. Her hubby has the only key and he's with my hubby an hour away working. We have 2 little kids and perishable food in the car. So what do we do? Do we call the landlord for an extra key? Nope. Not us. We take the a/c out of the window. A window that is a little bit above our heads.

Second problem...

The a/c cord is stuck! Under what you ask? Under the refrigerator! Lots of tugs and yanks but it's still stuck. So I'm standing there holding this a/c (while Holly screams in the car cause it's hot and she's just so done with us.) while my BF trys to hoist herself up to the window (in flip flops and with a sunburn) so she can get this cord unstuck so that I can put the heavy p.o.s. down before I drop it on my toes. The fridge won't budge and she's starting to slip, so now i use the wall to help me balance the a/c on my knee and then (as we told our hubby's later) played grab ass with her to help lift her up through the window. Oh what the neighbors must have thought!!!

So she gets in the window, frees the cord from the evil fridge that was holding it hostage, and I finally get to set the a/c down. Thank goodness! We get the door unlocked, food put away and we hit the road again for the rest of our adventure.

Now it's on to the Dollar Tree and Wal-mart for the rest of our supplies. Everything is back to going great. The little ones get a toy for being so good and we're making great time. Done with the stores, we stop at my house to grab something then back to her house to decorate for our little graduates. Everything looks perfect, we're almost done, just have to run back to the store to grab the tape that BF swore she already had. lol In her defense the kids probably took it.  But before the store, it's time to pick up our girls from school.

Third problem...

3 year olds, cannot be trusted! I stayed in the car with Hunter and the then sleeping Holly while BF went in to retrieve the girls. I reminded Hunter that this was a surprise for all the big kids and he had to keep it a secret and not tell them. So as soon as the girls get in the car, what's he do? He blurts out "There's a cookie cake and balloons at home!" We manage to hush him and convince the girls he has no idea what he's talking about.

Fourth problem...

BF's boys aren't due off the school bus until 3:45, its only 3:05, we're good right? WRONG! Bf gets out of the car and notices that her other cell phone that she left at home, had called twice! Oh no! It has to be the boys! Even though they're not supposed to be home yet! So we race to her house and sure enough they had already been there, but had left already. When they got there and nobody was home, they left for my house. So we're freaking out, get back in the car and start to leave to see if they are in fact on the way to my house. Here come the boys on their bike, they had already been home, rode to my place, and came back home again! That's how early their stupid bus let them off!

Fifth problem...

Not only did the boys scare the hell out of us, but they had already seen the surprise! SERIOUSLY!!??

In the end they all loved their party but it was still a let down for us since we worked so hard to make it a surprise. 

Maybe one day I'll learn how to rotate my pictures on here :)

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