Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seriously Thursday?!


It's that time again! "For what?" you ask? For the awesome Seriously Thursday Link up with From Mrs. to Mama 

Seriously...My head hurts so bad right now that I don't know which I feel like doing more, cry or throw up. Yet I still manage to sit here with my laptop and blog! Is that dedication or what?!

Seriously...Remember the car I was talking about that we bought from "friends"? Well, after we put about $1,200 into it, it got sent to the junk man the other day for a whopping $300! I don't remember what was wrong with it this time but the hubby said it was going to cost somewhere from $400-$600 to fix it. By this point he was just done with the damn thing. So now we're back to having no car and need to buy another one.

Seriously...Since I banished Holly from the living room and moved her bed into Hunter's room, she has slept through the night every single night! I don't know whether to be thrilled or annoyed at her that she couldn't do that before. I've been losing sleep for no reason!

Seriously...I got an email from WonderDads the other day saying that they are going to feature my blog on their site next month as one of their favorite blogs to tell your wife about! I'm Seriously excited!

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  1. I love this idea!! If I had a dollar for every time I said "seriously?!!" in a week,, I'd me a millionaire!!!
    I too received an email from Wonderdads saying the same thing... Do you think it's a hoax?? When I went to their site, I couldn't find a blog section... weird!!
    Anyway, new follower from the Social Tea Party!

  2. Hmm, that is weird isn't it? Maybe they just love us both! I couldn't find a blog section either though. I hope it's not a hoax, that would SERIOUSLY suck! lol And thanks so much for following!

  3. Hey guess what?! The WonderDads thing is real! I was just visiting another blog and saw a banner on their page where they were featured there. See, check for yourself!