Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously Thursday

I'm linking up today for another round of Seriously Thursday with From Mrs. to Mama 

Seriously...Don't ever buy a car from a "friend". The Hubby and I bought a car this week from a long time friend, and things didn't turn out so well. The title wasn't in her name, it wasn't hers to sell. We paid $500 to this "friend" luckily we all signed a Bill of Sale. Was supposed to go the next morning to get the title taken care of. Come morning, she calls and says she can't right then but we would take care of it later in the day. No problem, we're "friends". Then her ex shows up saying he needs his plates off the car. Is everybody thinking WTF? We were! Turns out he bought the car for her. Titles in his name. He's fine with us getting the car. There's a lot of back and forth calling and texting, threats from my Hubby to our "friend" to get the police involved if she doesn't either give us the title or the money back. Finally, this morning she gives us the title...and the ex won't sign it unless he gets paid $200. He wanted the money from her but we paid it just so we could get the car. She says she's going to pay the $200 back to me.....

That was my biggest Seriously this week.

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