Friday, June 3, 2011

Crying in my Icee

I promised my BF I would post this since she thought it was so hilarious, at my expense of course!

As you may know from reading my previous post about the end of the year surprise party we threw for our kids, we did a lot of running around to get things ready the other day. One of these trips was to Kroger's. Well every since they redid our local Kroger's it has become my favorite store. At least the entrance is anyways. They put in a salad bar, a milk shake machine, fountain sodas with the different flavor shots, and the very best icee machine! Oh how I love mt. dew icees! I can hardly stand to walk in the store without getting one. Well, that day was particularly hot and I was absolutely craving my icee. We walk over to the machine and get Hunter his icee and my BF got one for herself (which Holly promptly stole from her!) Then I turned to get mine and it was the only one which wasn't working! I was crushed! I looked at my friend who immediately burst out laughing! I just didn't understand what was so funny. She says the expression on my face looked like the one Hunter gets when we tell him he can't have a new toy gun, which is his favorite toy. She's so lucky I love her! But on a happier note, by the time we were finished shopping my precious icee machine was all fixed and I got my much deserved treat! Mmm good!

I think Holly now loves Icees as much as I do!

This started out as being my BF's icee!

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