Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Who's up for another round of Seriously Thursday with From Mrs. to Mama? Ooh ooh, I am, I am!

Seriously...We bought a car last week I think, from a friend of ours and her psychotic ex-boyfriend, and it has turned out to be a p.o.s. Including the $700 we paid for it, we've but a total of about $1,000 into it so far. Just to find out today that the battery is completely dead! Are you friggin' kidding me!!

Seriously...Why do my youngest 2 children turn into complete and utter monsters every single night when bedtime comes around?

Seriously...Our a/c has been on pretty much 24/7 set on 66 degrees, it's blowing out cold air, but it still feels like it's 80 degrees in here!

Seriously...Why is it that my hubby is the one person on this planet who can inspire such complete and total furry out of me, who is usually a pretty calm person?

Seriously...How is it that my oldest daughter can be such an angel in school, with perfect behavior and grades, then get her home and she acts like the dumbest person on earth? I love her to pieces, but c'mon!

Seriously...Since I started blogging, my Hubby has gone from being nosy about the things I write to rolling his eyes and getting a "why me?" expression on his face when I try to read him something I post.

Seriously...Blogging is so much better than medication or paying for therapy!


  1. Hey kiddo. I'm so glad I stopped over here. I found the Seriously Thursday hop. I told you I was looking for one. This is PERFECT. Thanks

  2. lol. i like it.
    i'll start following. I see my mom asking these things about her life when I was growing up. :P

  3. @Jacky, thanks :)
    @Cinnamon, Seriously Thursday is great isn't it :)