Saturday, June 11, 2011

"I peed on Daddy's car!"

Car Clipart
Hunter picked this car to use.

My little boy is becoming a man! We're in the process of potty training, he's little so Hunter still pees sitting down on his little cushion potty seat. Well today he said he had to go potty so we go into the bathroom. He walked in before me, pulled his undies down, and said "I want to pee like this." while holding his "peanut". Yes,we call it a peanut. I'm new to potty training boys so luckily my BF who has 2 sons was over visiting today. I yell for her that I might need a little help helping him to aim. I grab his step-stool and she puts the toilet seat up. Hunter flipped out! So I remembered my BF saying she taught her boys by having them pee on her car tire. I asked Hunter if he wanted to pee on Daddy's car. He giggled and quickly agreed. So we rush outside, his little naked butt hanging out and both of us barefoot so he can pee on the car. About this time my neighbor comes to the door. So there's 7 of us standing around waiting for him to pee on his first car! It took him a minute of concentration but he did it! And I've never been so proud!!! My baby boy is getting so big!

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  1. That's so funny. I had a ball training my son to pee in the toilet. We did the old "sink the Cheerios" thing. I'd put a couple of them in the toilet and told him to aim for them. If he hit them, he got a popsicle. That's just about the only time in a man's life that they can actually stay IN the toilet. Why else do you think someone invented those rugs that go in the front of the commode?

  2. He's peed on the car at least 6 times today! He loves it! Luckily we live at a dead end and my neighbors are ok with my teaching methods. lol. Hey, whatever gets him excited about potty training. I never thought of using cheerios. He's not tall enough yet though and it freaks him out when I try to get him to use the step stool.

  3. uh oh. I hope this doesn't create another man who feels the need to pee wherever the urge strikes him. LOL.

    I'm supposed to say I am here from the lady bloggers party but Ive been here before :-)

  4. I have two boys, now 18 and 21. One great tip I was given - Cheerios. Put a few in the toilet for "target practice." Came by from LBS.

  5. Kind of makes me wonder how daddy felt about piss on his car, haha...

    stoppinbg in from the LBS tea party. :-)

  6. I love your method! Visiting fro LBS!

  7. @Selena, naw so far he just wants to pee on the car! lol

    @Karen, the only problem with cheerios is that he's too short to stand and pee in the potty and standing on the step stool to try it scares him, wish it would at least scare the pee out of him. lol.

    @Classic, he's not too fond of Hunter peeing on the car, but at least it's just on the wheel! lol

    @foretful, thank so so much!

    And to all you ladies, thanks for visiting, I love company! :)

  8. i have NEVER heard of that before! how funny!!! next time you may wanna try cheerios in the potty and have him aim at those ;) my son is potty trained but not on the big potty yet...i'm not sure when to do that transition either? i'm not looking forward to the mess ;)

  9. we never used a little potty chair, just the cushion one that you put on the big potty. that's why he's too short to stand and aim though. guess i should have thought that one through better. lol

  10. How funny! Potty training is my least favorite parenting chore. My 3 year old still isn't done and I'm just so over it. I can't do anything to get him interested. One day I know he'll decide. In the mean time I'm just going witht he flow.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day, it was great to meet you!

  11. LOL soooo cute!!!! I potty trained my son by myself so I used to pretend to pee while standing up..Its funny how woman come up with ways to potty train their sons! :)
    Found you on the blog hop.

  12. Too funny! I found you through the SSS Hop. Following you via GFC.